Songs of Beta Theta Pi

Beta Doxology

Bless now oh God on high
Bless Beta Theta Pi
Let not of wrong
Sully our mystic gem
Let not the wreath be dim,
To whom our song

Loving Cup

Oh, start the loving cup around,
Nor pass a brother by;
We all drink from the same canteen
In Beta Theta Pi.
Oh, you and I can ne'er grow old
While this fair cup is nigh;
Here's life and strength,
Here's health and wealth,
Here's all in Phi-Kai-Phi.

Oh, start the loving cup around,
It speaks of other days;
We see the milestones backward run
When on this cup we gaze.
Our grip grows strong,
Bold comes our song
When this fair cup we raise,
So pass the loving cup around

And drink in Beta's praise

Oh, start the loving cup around,
It holds a something clear,
'Tis brimming with a potion that
Will fill you with good cheer.
Come drink with me
And bid your ills
Forth-with to disappear;
We'll never in this world let fall
The cup we all hold here.


There's a Scene

There’s a scene where brothers greet, 
Where true kindred hearts do meet
At an altar sending love’s sweet incense high, 
Where is found without alloy, 
Purest store of earthly joy;
'Tis within the halls of Beta Theta Pi.


Cheer! Cheer! Cheer! With hearts rejoicing!
Brightly sparkles every eye; 
And our bosoms feel the glow
None but brothers’ hearts may know, 
While we sing the songs of Beta Theta Pi.

Friendship gave our order birth, 
Pure and lasting as the earth;
Strong devotion to our motto gave us life; 
With the help of brothers dear, 
And of God, we’ve naught to fear,
As we mingle in the din of earthly strife.


Yes, and Beta girls there are, 
Pure and lovely, passing fair, 
Who with brightest smiles enliven all our way; 
May our brothers ever prove
Worthy of such noble love, 
Long as time shall last or earth shall have a day.